Our distance varies from 350 - 460 miles. Our love increases steadily day by day.
Bee and Mike -- a strange love story with a happy ending.

(Bee's personal is starlightswitch. If you message this blog you may get a response from there.)

Love Isn't Some Place We Fall

...it's something that we do

The beginning of the 'princess' nickname

  • Mike (on first seeing the profile picture): I found it cute you wanted to be a princess
  • Bee: Well, I've totally called you my prince charming multiple times. And didn't I tell you about Will, last Halloween, and his "good girl" comment?
  • Mike: Remind me
  • Bee: He was really drunk, and he suddenly said "You didn't drink anything at all, did you?" And I said no, and he said "You're a good girl. Someday you're gonna find a good guy, and you'll be his princess and live happily ever after"
  • Mike: You wanna be my princess, honeybee? Princess Honeybee?
  • Bee: I do
  • Mike: I'd like that :-*

Miles of Love, Day 13

Day 13: What nick names do you have for each other? Is there any background story to why you call each other that?

Well, there’s the usual honey, darling, sweetie, dearest, etc. Very rarely do we call each other by our actual names, in fact. :-P

As far as original nicknames, he has lots for me!

  • Bee, which is a family nickname I really like but which no one outsides my family would call me except for him. (So I started using it on tumblr…) Plus honeybee and bumblebee.
  • Bunny, which comes from honeybunny, and also fits because I’m jumpy and bouncy and sometimes shy.
  • Combinations like bumblebunny and bunnybee and honeybumble, because he’s silly and cute.
  • Princess, because of this, and that he thought it was cute.
  • Gazelle, because it seems I remind him of one

and recently, guinea pig, because he practiced a physical exam on me before the practical on it. :-P


Bee, for the longest time, was upset she couldn’t think of a nickname to call me when I had so many for her (although I maintain that 90% of them were just sticking cute words together). She’s settled on a few since then.

  • Her warrior, referring to how we would find these little cocktail swords when we went out, and I would tell her to hold onto them to keep her safe.
  • Cat/kitty, in reference to me saying “cats make everything more perfect”, and because I like it when she scratches my chin.


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Lyrics from No Place That Far, by Sara Evans


Gonna reblog this just because I was really proud of it. :-)

From I Just Call You Mine by Martina McBride


Miles of Love, Day 12

Day 12: Have you met any friends thanks to the LDR tumblr community that help you with surviving the distance?

The ones I’d call fairly close friends are Jess (4805miles) and Caesey (loveacrossthepacific / midnightsandcupsofcoffee). I can probably include Becca (3192miles) too— she lives about twenty minutes from Mike, which is pretty funny. Also, actually, someone who’s not in a ldr anymore but quite an awesome guy, Stephen (fractal-eclipse).

I’ve also met a lot of other people that I’ve talked to a little bit. Basically any ldr blog with a story/faq posted who makes personal posts every so often will get a follow and a message. :-)

Also I love Jess’s chatzy/tinychat sessions! I should really start one myself but I’m too scared no one would join.

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Miles of Love Challenge map update

Pennsylvania to New Jersey is me and Mike

British Columbia to Louisiana is Cynthia and Jason (lovefrom2800milesaway)

British Columbia to England is Heather and Chris (heatherloveschris)

South Carolina to Massachusetts is Andy and Sam (thedollandherbby)

Alberta to Georgia is Tiffany (the lovely challenge creator) and Matthew

Prince Edward Island to Ontario is Destiny and Jacob (itsworththedistance)

Isle of Man to England is Abi and Niall (81milesapart)

Scotland to Texas is Bee and Courtney (waitingpatiently-tokiss-youagain and permanentlydrawntoyou)

North Carolina to Indiana is Alicia and Nick (you-catch-yourself-falling)

California to North Carolina is Elijah and Travis (miles-from-my-forever)

Ohio to Portugal is Erin and Andy (3782miles)

and on the larger map, Australia to Alabama is Haley and Shannon (hazelhearted)


Maine to Georgia is Anna and Josh (august-showers)

British Columbia to Massachusetts is Jadon and Sarouth (nixwo)

and some new ones to the world map!

Brazil to North Carolina is Bruna and Alex (ahandlengthfromhome)

Philippines to Texas is Caesey and Chayan (loveacrossthepacific)

France to Quebec is Charlotte and Kevin (ldracrosstheocean)

Miles of Love, Day 11

Day 11: Have you gotten one another any gifts? if so what’s your favourite that you’ve given/received?

So hard to choose!

  • I love the fact that the week before his graduation he offered me one of his shirts, even though we weren’t dating. I’m wearing it right now, in fact, and I sleep in it often.
  • He gave me a sweet little stuffed elephant, which I named Reuben Jonas.
  • He got me my favorite type of pen as a ‘just because’ present. I’ve since told him he could give me pens and notebooks as presents for the rest of our lives and I would be happy. (Of course then he topped that, by saying I could give him no presents at all for the rest of his life and he would still be happy as long as he had me.)

(The Challenge)

How beautiful would it be to find someone who’s in love with your mind. - (via bl-ossomed)

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*Sings to Ride of the Valkyries*

"Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit! Kill the wa—abbit!"

So! Over the weekend I went to a concert (Bugs Bunny at the Symphony) where a bunch of cartoons were shown on a big screen while the orchestra played the music. This was my favorite.

When I was talking about it to Mike later, he asked if they showed the one with Die Walkure. I responded, “Kill the wabbit.”

"Kill the wabbit indeed."

Suddenly I realized that probably wasn’t the best thing to say because, after all, he calls me a bunny. “Not this wabbit, though.”

"True," Mike said, and quickly came up with, "Kiss the wabbit."

I sent him a Skype blushy face and a “Yes, please.”