Our distance varies from 350 - 460 miles. Our love increases steadily day by day.

Bee and Mike -- a strange love story with a happy ending.

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Love Isn't Some Place We Fall

...it's something that we do

I’m supposed to get my new phone the day I leave for New Jersey. Cross your fingers, everyone.

  • Mike on med school: Like one of the first things they try to get us to not do is use medical terms with people who aren't doctors
  • Bee: Use them with me all you want :-P They're fun
  • Mike: Of course, you love big words
  • Bee: I do. *Skype twirling heartsy face* They are your competition. Also books.
  • Mike: :-P
  • --February 24, 2014

Trying to finish writing about visits six, seven and eight before visit nine in a week!

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From Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen


Somebody please remind me on the 30th (the day before I leave to go see Mike) to take the anniversary picture.

I will know what you mean.

(I’m serious. Somebody remind me.)



Rian hides post-it notes around my apartment and writes me a nice long love letter every time he visits. I cried a little when I put this together!







I’m planning to do this :P Might be a bit harder now he doesn’t live alone though. hmmm

Just hide them in his room, then? Sometimes it takes a little creativity. I haven’t been to see Mike since this time last year, so when he came to see me I hid notes throughout his backpack before he left. :-)

My uncle from New Jersey just called. Someone saw the caller ID on the TV and said “It’s a New Jersey cell number!”

I froze midstep until I realized that no, Mike does not have my house number, and no, he wouldn’t call it before my cell even if he did. :-P

I’m carrying your love with me. - George Strait (via youre-my-better-half)

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  • Bee's sister: (comments on the argument Bee and Mike are having)
  • Bee: You do realize this argument included me stating definitively that cheesesteaks do not have feet?
  • Bee's sister: I wouldn't expect anything less.