Our distance varies from 350 - 460 miles. Our love increases steadily day by day.

Bee and Mike -- a strange love story with a happy ending.

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Love Isn't Some Place We Fall

...it's something that we do



I always sleep on the right side of the bed.

What side do you sleep on? Or do you switch?

Interesting story with that one. At some point we realized that with all the beds we’ve been in together (his at home, mine at home, his in his apartment at school before he graduated, mine in my dorm at school, the guest bed in my house at school, at my grandparents’ houses…) there was no consistency as to which side each of us lay on.

Then we realized there is, but it’s not left vs. right— it’s that he always took the side closer to the door. So we decided to stick with that.

i don’t need you
to fight my battles,
i just need
for you to be there
when my hands
begin to tremble
and my voice breaks,
to help me
steady my sword
and teach me
how to roar.
- m.v., I am my own savior, you are a companion. (via findingwordsforthoughts)

(via dream-faith-truelove)

From Love Don’t Run by Steve Holy



So my grandpa was telling me a story today and I thought it was so sweet so I decided to tell you guys.

So the night before my grandparents wedding my grandpa was talking to my grandma and said “Jeanette you are the love of my life I never truly knew what love felt like until I met you,” then he pulled out a key and said “and you hold the key to my heart.” He handed it to her and said “I trust you to always be there for me and to keep that key in a safe place because no other women will get one. I love you so much and I am so happy that I will get to spend the rest of my life with you.”

To this day my grandma has kept that key around her neck and said she will never take it off. My grandparents have been married for 55 years now and they are the people that showed me true love is a real thing you just have to find the right person. Happy anniversary nana & papa I love you guys!❤️❤️

Maybe my problem with thinking of activities is I can’t think beyond hugging you - Bee, May 31, 2013 (Planning Mike’s first visit)

On Facebook,

  • for the first six months of our relationship, this is the only interaction between us:
  • Bee: I believe this is a wombat for a curious mood. (adorable wombat picture)
  • Mike: "It's different, there's a tea for every mood." "Why can't there be a wombat for every mood?" Checkmate.
  • Bee: Happy wombat, sad wombat, overly excited wombat...
  • Mike: Unwarranted wombat. You can't search my wombat without a warrant.
  • Bee: No, 'unwarranted wombat' means the wombat has no warrant. It cannot ransack your cabinets for goodies.
  • Mike: He could search an echidna's, because there would be eggs-igent circumstances.
  • Bee: GROANNN...

The trick is to read right to left :-P


  • Bee's friend from high school stage crew, on finding out about Mike: Bethany! Who are you and what have you done with my socially awkward techie???
  • Bee: I didn't do anything. Apparently there are guys in the world who like socially awkward techies...
  • --March 26, 2013